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The proven DPS Aquamatic DuoProp Sterndrive is re-released with several new features. The new DPS-B drive brings exciting improvements to you as the boat owner in a retro-fit package.

Volvo Penta is now offering you the opportunity to take advantage of these product improvements to renew and repair a damaged Volvo Penta propulsion system. This offering is designed to enable flexible options for the repair of current Volvo Penta DP-SM, XDP or SX Sterndrive after impact damage, or other causes. Volvo Penta offers the chance to upgrade to the latest model DPS-B Sterndrive to suit your vessel and application.

The new style DPS-B Sterndrive contains the latest advancements in marine propulsion technology in a compact economical drive unit. This Sterndrive utilises the highly successful small transom cut out as used on Volvo Penta drives since 1994. As part of the upgrade “kit” the transom shield will also need to be renewed in many instances as the improvements also include changes to the trim system which will facilitate this need. One of the other important improvements is the introduction of “Helical” spline propeller shafts. The unique helical spline allows a more even distribution of load across the entire propeller shaft, reducing stress on all Sterndrive components. The helical spline also allows us to maximise the exhaust area, improving the flow to reduce back pressure.

We simultaneously introduce two new propeller styles to compliment this exciting new drive. The IH Series Propeller is derived from the development work and experience of the successful DPH and IPS propellers. This new aluminium propeller series offers new blade geometry with thinner and larger blade area. The FH Series propeller continues the amazing popularity of our famous F-series stainless steel propellers but with the added benefit of the helical splines. A typical package will consist of 1x DPS-B Sterndrive, 1x TSK (Transom Shield Kit), 1x connection kit and 1x propeller set.

Interested? Contact you nearest Volvo Penta dealer to upgrade your drive package.

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